I had a nightmare yesterday.

It was a strange dream.

In the nightmare, I became the boy’s girlfriend finally, and the boy was the one I liked for such a long period of time. Well, it seems like a nice dream so far.

Then I don’t know why I took the boy and another girl to my home in Taiwan. When we got my home, the house was messy like my parents were in a hurry to take the plane to the US. So I was trying to clean the house. At the same time, the boy said “Your house looks poor.” But I didn’t argue with him, I just explained that maybe my parents were too busy to clean the house. Suddenly, I poured water to the girl’s clothes accidentally. I felt sorry about my carelessness, so I took her to my room to change her clothes.

Somehow I was out of awareness, my clothes were taken off and I passed out.

I was in a hospital with two policemen when I woke up. They said they doubted I was selling my kidneys, so they had to take me to the police station. While we walked out the sickroom with the two policemen, I saw the girl standing outside the window and smiling to me evilly.

Then I really woke up this time.

It’s really weird.
Why I had to sell my own kidneys?!
So it means that the boy and the girl were trying to take my kidneys?
I don’t know, but it was a very strange dream.
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