I don’t know if it’s just the cultural difference or I’m too sensitive.

We are living with two Korean students, one girl and one boy, in host family now, and they just came last week. The first time we met, I noticed that after asking my name, their second question for me was “How old are you?”

I don’t feel comfortable about that, seriously.

Even though in Taiwan, people don’t ask others’ age when they first time see each other, well, at least it’s true for me. So I don’t know if asking others’ age is a very important part for Korean when they just meet people, or the two Korean students were just so anxious to know my age. I don’t know. Maybe both, or maybe they were just curious.

But don’t they know asking some private questions like age, salary, or marriage is impolite in America? I don’t know if they know, but I think they should know before they came.

Am I too critical?
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