I’m thinking about what I should do this summer vacation.

I really want to go back to Taiwan this summer vacation, but for some reasons, it seems a little difficult. Because there will be only one person living in my home, which is me, I really don’t know what I can do if I go back. Meeting friends and relatives is for sure, but I don’t drive although I have driving license, so ironic. I think the main point is that it’s not interesting without family members.

Then, instead of going back to Taiwan, I’m thinking about taking some classes in summer semester. Since I want to finish the English classes as soon as possible, taking classes in summer time is a way. However, people don’t suggest I take classes in summer especially English because the classes will be in a rush. The chance is that you can’t learn as well as in fall or spring semester. But some of my friends still did pretty well.

And it’s funny that the price of tuition in summer semester is higher than the price of airplane ticket.

So, I don’t know. Which one should I choose?
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