I’m a little tired because I just finished my midterm.
Well, it’s an excuse for not writing blog.

The English eligibility exam will be on April 9th, but I'm still thinking about whether I should take it or not. It’s the test that you can skip one or even two levels of English classes if you pass it. However, I don’t think I’m well-prepared.

Although it’s no hurt to take it, I still…hmm…I don’t have enough confidence in my English composition. I’m just afraid that I don’t understand anything on the test, and what’s worse, I have to sit there and worry. I don’t like that feeling that I can’t understand and answer most questions on the tests, and iBT is a good example.

I know I should just give myself a chance to see if I can make it, but…I don’t know what I’m worried about exactly. Perhaps I don’t think I can pass it subconsciously, so I don’t want to waste time sitting there and worry; or I just want more practices by ever single class I should take because there is no shortcut for learning languages, and I don’t think I’ve already put enough efforts on English to skip one level.

Sometimes I feel tired of improving English abilities. It seems like there is a very big gap that I can’t cross it until I put much more efforts on my English. Of course, I should put as many efforts as possible in order to live in America for a long time, but I just feel tired for no reason.

I’ve been thinking about if I spent twenty years living in Taiwan and getting used to it, so maybe I have to spend the same time to get used to America.


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