People get confidence from other people, not form themselves.

Today, I told my ESL teacher who I thought was mean and not easygoing that I was thinking about taking the English eligibility exam, but I said I didn’t think my writing was good enough to take that exam. I told her that I heard from some of my friends that once you took English 93 or 96 which is for native speakers; it would become more difficult than in ESL classes because it would be more about culture instead of just learning English grammar or sentence structure. So I was worried about that.

Surprisingly, she said “You’re doing pretty well in class; I would recommend you to take that exam. Just give yourself a try.” And then she told me there was a reading lab which is only for students who are taking English classes; she said maybe I could go there to get more help, and if they don’t allow me to do the lab since I’m not taking English classes, she can write me a note to go there.

I was touched and thankful when I heard what she said, and I felt more confident when she said “You’re doing well in class.” I never thought about that she would say that because she told everyone in the class that she wouldn’t give many students an A in the beginning of this semester. I thought she was tough, but now it seems she just didn’t want to let her students overconfident in the beginning.

You feel much happier to hear a tough teacher’s compliments than a nice teacher because you know you have to work hard to pass his/her class. Therefore, when you get compliments from the teacher you are afraid of, you just feel you are fulfilled. I think that’s what I think about Dr. Phillips now.
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