I really need a hug now…

I feel down.

Too much homework and too many matters that I have to deal with.
It’s tiring.
I even wish I could be dead.

It seems like all bad things pore into you at the same time, and I hope I can overcome them.



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  • 熊
  • 給魚一個熊抱
  • 應該不會被吃掉吧:P

    cljh80018 於 2008/09/14 23:16 回覆

  • 呱
  • 抱~
  • 謝謝:)

    cljh80018 於 2008/09/14 23:18 回覆

  • 貓
  • (抱)小魚加油!
  • 加油!!!

    cljh80018 於 2008/09/17 10:14 回覆