I feel terrible x_x

I have four classes this semester, which are Accounting 2, English 96, Math 110A, and Economics 5.
I got grades on first test from those classes, what's interesting is that, I got two A's from Math and Econ. 5 (statistics) and two C's from accounting and English.
So… it seems like I do either extremely good or extremely bad >.>

Can I have average B at least? >.<

English class is REALLY killing me. The teacher is so scray, I don't even know if I can pass the class. For the very first time I feel that I will fail the class in the beginning of the class, too bad. And I have no choices to continue because I need the English class.
Geeez, I hate English class x_x

Accounting class is boring. I don't have any motivation to study, but I have to cause this is my major course. I need to figure out what can make me feel like studying accounting.

And.. what else…

Oh… though my Engllish is still … not advanced, but I think my math improves a lot. XDD

I didn't think about learning calculus before cause I didn't think I could learn it well according to my bad math grades in senior high school, and I can't believe I like it so much now. XDD

But English still bugs me, I really need to work on it more.



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