After reading Crime and Guilt by Ferdinand von Schirach, I confirm two things.
One, being simple is the most difficult thing.
Two, I am very lucky.

crime and guilt

Ferdinand von Schirach is a Germen defense attorney. Crime and Guilt are the collections of his cases. The stories are interesting; however, they are sad most of time.
They are “stories” to us, but they were some people’s life. Many stories were touching and heartbreaking. At some point, I had to put the book down for a while and then continued.

My favorite story out of two books is The Cello from Crime.
I finished the story before going to bed. I thought of my brother, and I couldn’t fall asleep right away. Well, reading crime stories is probably a bad choice for bed time story. But still, that story lets me understand how lucky I am.

I still remember how I thought about the world when I was little. I once believed there was Santa Clause, I believed all people were friendly and nice, I believed the prince and the princess could live happily forever, I wanted to grow up badly, and I thought the world was wonderful.
The world is still wonderful, but it is no longer what I thought. The more I learn and experience, the more confusion I get. The world is not simply black and white, and it is so complicated that I always find myself contradictory.
They are just some of my feelings after I read the books. The books are definitely worth reading, but probably not before bed time.

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