How are you?
I’m fine, thank you, how about you?
Good, too.

Trying to pretend that I’m happy, to all these daily greetings, because not much I can really tell them.

I keep thinking all the details, but still can’t figure it out. That was way too complicated, like a difficult calculus problem.

Here, there, here, being a nice, smiling girl, being helpful to everyone, but still, something wrong under the smile.

Just realized I was sad, after these days. But, if I have to say, that might be the fault of fate, or the time. I’m not strong, as I always know, though everyone else thinks I’m, and that’s why they think I’m good. She said “Peggy always looks good, doesn’t she?” Yeah, I have to say “I’m good, thank you,” since there’s not much I can tell.

The dream was too good to think of, and I’m afraid of thinking of it. But something still reminds me there was such a good dream I’ve ever had.
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