I just found that my writing limit was two pages.

Today, I had an in-class essay for ESL class, and I found a serious problem that I couldn’t write more than two pages. It happened last semester, too. There were two in-class essays in my ESL class last semester, and neither one was over two pages. Also, I only wrote one page and a half in the final exam, but I saw many people have more than three or four pages. It must be something wrong with me.

What’s worse, even now I’m trying to write my blog in English, I can’t have more than 250 words every time which I set for myself. But this is just for my own blog, no specific topics, I can write whatever I want, I still can’t write more.

So I think the problem is not English, it’s my composition skill problem, no matter in Chinese or English. I really don’t want to face this problem because it’s too bad.

I know I’m not that kind of people who are extremely good at writing, but I want to write more that two pages. I don’t want to be limited!

P.S. The total is 197 words. See? I told you.
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