I went to Student-Alumni Career Day this morning. It was great, and because I attended last year, I knew what it would be like and what I should dress, act, say etc. Also, I knew more people this time, which is a sign of being senior, so I felt more comfortable being in such an occasion.

Networking is important, I know it, and that’s why I attended the Career Day even though I didn’t like to socialize with people. Yeah, I’m socially awkward. But I told myself I had to do it.

One thing I brought back home was that, finding a job is all about selling yourself. I know finding a job is really about marketing and selling myself, but for some reason, I don’t really want to “sell” myself. Unfortunately, in the business field, everything is about sales, so I better get over the word “selling.”

I’m not good at marketing, and I assure this after taking marketing class. I find it difficult to put my life in just one sheet of paper and get people’s attention. I do have my life story, but it’s not much relevant to business career field, I suppose. And I’m definitely not outstanding comparing to people who have 4.0 GPA or tons of internship and working experiences. This is going to be challenging to sell myself.

So with quiet personality and no prominent characteristics, how do I sell myself?

There was a moment while I was sitting and listening to the speakers talking about their daily routine, and I was thinking “Is this what I really want to do? Is this what I will do for the rest of my life?” And I don’t know.

They told us to send resumes to every possible job opportunity and try every interview just to get the experience. I guess it’s like blind dating. I’m not sure if people still do blind dating, but in my parents’ generation, a lot of people did that; it worked out well – at least for my parents.

They also told us not to expect having a “perfect” job. And I guess it is just like looking for a relationship. Most people do not end up being with their “ideally perfect lover,” but they are still doing well.

So, even though I don’t know what I want to do, it is totally ok. It is like not knowing what kind of people you will be in a relationship with, and it is normal.

I see what I need to do now. Go out present myself as an attractive lady and hope for the best that I will meet someone. If that person happens to be interested in me, then we can try out for a while, or maybe for the entire life. I’m so proud of myself making this simple.

But can someone just buy me? :(

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